SOTO-USA Course Descriptions

[4 classes] – 40 hours total (4 hour review for CSP examination additional):

SOT Category Evaluation Protocols (8 hours):

In this 8-hour intensive hands-on seminar you will learn the anatomy and physiology of the SOT 3 Category system. You will also learn the comprehensive evaluation and assessment procedures for determining the predominant Category distortion pattern and what adjusting protocols will be more effective in removing or reducing the patient’s neurological imbalance. No prerequisite.

SOT Categories (12 hours):

This 12 -hour intensive hands-on seminar will cover all the category and spinal adjusting protocols within the SOT technique. SOT is an indicator- based chiropractic evaluation and adjusting system. After years of research Major DeJarnette, the founder and developer of SOT, divided the human distortion patterns into three distinguishable and definable categories:

  • Category I – deals with the primary respiratory mechanism between the sacrum and occiput and its effect on the dural membranes, pelvic torion and reduced sacral nutation can affect the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and spinal segmental dysfunction.
  • Category II – deals with the structural distortion patterns originating from hypermobility of the sacroiliac joint and the neurological and musculoskeletal implications created by this imbalance.
  • Category III – is the end result of long standing uncorrected category two distortion that often lead to lumbosacral joint and disc dysfunction as well as radicular syndromes.

No prerequisite.

SOT Extremity Technique (8 hours)

DeJarnette found a specific extremity related distortion pattern that was a type of category of it own. It involves specific extremity joint analysis and sequence of treatment. SOT Extremity Technique integrates with the Category System when persistent extremity involvement inhibits the proper resolution of the category. This seminar covers diagnosis and treatment of primary and secondary extremity dysfunction using SOT indicators. The SOT Extremity Distortion Pattern focuses on the feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, atlas/axis, and ribs. No prerequisite.

SOT Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (CMRT) (12 hours):

CMRT is a hands-on soft tissue technique that deals with the viscersomatic reflex arc. It has a specific set of indicators – occipital fibers – that assist the practitioner in uncovering the causative spinal subluxation and, once that is removed, specialized organ reflexes are applied to facilitate the corrective procedure. No prerequisite.

SOT Certification Review (4 hours)

Comprehensive Review of Modules 1-4, with an emphasis on the certification exam, SOT home care for patients and practical considerations in the incorporation of SOT into your practice. No prerequisite.

[4 classes] – 40 hours total:

SOT Cranial Technique – Cranial Palpation, Sphenobasilar Range of Motion, Craniomandibular Motion Technique (8 hours)

Cranial anatomy and physiology, cranial bone ranges of motion and palpation, CSF physiology, flow and palpation. Basic procedures to enhance Category 1, 2 and 3 corrections, evaluation and palpation exercises to be integrated into practice immediately. No prerequisite.

SOT Cranial Technique – Sutural & TMJ Protocols (12 hours)

Classic DeJarnette Sutural Technique, how to treat difficult sacroiliac conditions cranially, complete TMJ protocols, how to work with dentists in your SOT cranial practice. No prerequisite.

SOT Cranial Technique – SOT Cranial Specifics (12 hours)

Integrating condition-specific procedures into the SOT cranial practice. Advanced procedures to be used in conjunction with SOT category work and basic cranial procedures to address more complex patterns. Techniques for blood pressure, asthma, sinus congestion, headaches and ear problems are some topics included. No prerequisite.

SOT Cranial Technique – SOT Cranial Intra-Oral Meningeal Balancing (8 hours)

How to use advanced intra-oral adjusting procedures to diagnose and treat frontal, temporal and occipital lesions. This course is open only to those who have successfully completed SOT Category work and Cranial Basics.

Fee Schedule (In US Dollars):

  • DC:
  • Any 12 hour $350.00 (Member: $315.00)
  • DC Re-Taking Same 12 hour Class $250.00
  • Any 8 Hour $275.00 (Member: $248.00)
  • DC Re-Taking Same 8 hour Class $200.00

  • 1st-2nd Year DC:
  • Any 12 hour $250 (Member $215)
  • 1st-2nd Year DC Re-Taking Same 12 hour Class $175.00
  • Any 8 hour $200 (Member $180)
  • 1st-2nd Year DC Re-Taking Same 8 hour Class $125.00

  • Student:
  • Any 12 hour 175.00 (Member: 158.00)
  • Student Re-Taking Same 12 hour Class $100.00
  • Any 8 hour 125.00 (Member: 113.00)
  • Student Re-Taking Same 8 hour Class $75.00

CSP Series

  • DC:
  • $1,250.00 (1,050.00 pre-paid) ($1,000.00 pre-paid SOTO-USA member)
  • 1st-2nd Year DC:
  • $900.00 (800.00 pre-paid) ($750.00 pre-paid SOTO-USA member)
  • Student:
  • $600.00 ($525.00 pre-paid) ($500.00 pre-paid SOTO-USA student member)

CSCP Series

  • DC:
  • $1,250.00 (1,050.00 pre-paid) ($1,000.00 pre-paid SOTO-USA member)
  • 1st-2nd Year DC:
  • $900.00 (800.00 pre-paid) ($750.00 pre-paid SOTO-USA member)
  • Student:
  • $600.00 ($525.00 pre-paid) ($500.00 pre-paid SOTO-USA student member)


17th Annual Clinical Symposium

May 12-14, 2016
New Orleans, Louisiana

8th Annual SOT Research Conference

May 13-14, 2016
New Orleans, Louisiana

Meet Dr. DeJarnette - Developer of SOT

Vist the wisdom, skill, and humor of Dr. DeJarnette the developer of Sacro Occipital Technique.

The History of Sacro Occipital Technique

Major Bertrand DeJarnette, DC, was a renowned inventor, engineer, osteopath, and chiropractor throughout his long and productive career.