“DeJarnette Type” Pelvic Sacral Blocks


Adult pelvic sacral blocks based on the specific design as developed by M. B. DeJarnette (Licensed Healthcare Professionals Only)

All item orders will be filled with the color on hand, unless a specific color is requested which will need to be directed by email to sotousa@skybest.com

List Price $74.00


17th Annual Clinical Symposium

May 12-14, 2016
New Orleans, Louisiana

8th Annual SOT Research Conference

May 13-14, 2016
New Orleans, Louisiana

Meet Dr. DeJarnette - Developer of SOT

Vist the wisdom, skill, and humor of Dr. DeJarnette the developer of Sacro Occipital Technique.

The History of Sacro Occipital Technique

Major Bertrand DeJarnette, DC, was a renowned inventor, engineer, osteopath, and chiropractor throughout his long and productive career.